Mirador des Rio

After we only paid Mirador del Rio a short visit during our last stay, we came back and this time also visited the old fortress.

Mirador del Rio

Isn’t that a sight for sore eyes?

The fortress Batería des Rio is in the North of the island. On an impressively steep cliff, 479 metres high, the building was erected and is used today as a viewpoint.
The building is barely visible from the outside because it is so cleverly nestled behind the rock formations.
The fortress was converted in 1974 by Manrique. Today, it is home to a bar, a souvenir shop and a viewing platform.

Mirador del Rio

Following a corridor, one reaches two vaults with enormous panorama windows. The view from here over the island of La Graciosa is already stunning.

Moving on out onto the viewing platform reveals how high the cliff really is – to those who dare to look down.

From this platform in the fortress, one can also see inland.

Mirador del Rio

We thoroughly enjoyed our second visit to Mirador del Rio.

Opening Hours:

Daily: 10:00 – 17:45
(18:45 in the summer months)


Adults: 4,50€
Children (7 – 12): 2,25€
Combi tickets are available that grant reduced prices for visiting other sites in the area.

Mirador del Rio

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