Have you ever been on a typical Berlin boat tour?
Berlin is a city of contrasts. Modern buildings meet tranquil parks and waterways. Therefore, the city absolutely lends itself to be discovered by boat.

In Berlin, you don’t just take any boat. You take a steamer. There is a multitude of routes and boats through the city and past all the important landmarks. And there are routes a little off the beaten track and much quieter. If you are after the latter you should try taking a steamer from Spandau to Potsdam.

Boat tour from Spandau to Potsdam on the MS Heiterkeit (MS Joy)

The shipping company Lüdicke starts its steamer tours at Lindenufer. We boarded the MS Heiterkeit (MS Joy) on a Thursday evening and set off at around 7.00 pm with the most amazing weather. Our destination: To Potsdam and back!

Spandau bridge

The MS Heiterkeit is over 100 years old and licensed to carry 145 passengers. The shipping company Lüdicke has been offering tours on this ship in and around Berlin for many years and has added similar tours onboard the MS Angela to their repertoire in 2014. A little bar onboard serves light refreshments and snacks for reasonable money.

Boat tour from Spandau to Potsdam on the MS Heiterkeit (MS Joy)

Soon after we departed on our steamer we passed Pichelswerder and followed the river Havel. We saw the Grundewaldturm (Grunewald Tower) and some hidden houses at the embankment that were absolutely beautiful. Next, we headed to the steamer landing pier in Kladow at Imchenalle (Imchen Avenue) near the Imcheninsel (Imchen Island). Passengers can alight or board here.


Past Kladow Marina we soon neared Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island). The view of the castle and the dairy farm is wonderful.
Whilst approaching Potsdam we also saw the Saviour’s Church (Heilandskirche) in Sacrow. We were fortunate and passed it right during sunset. The views we got from there on were absolutely dreamy.

Sacrower Heilandskirche

Soon after the MS Heiterkeit arrived in Potsdam. A quick glimpse at Glienicke Bridge and the embankment and then the steamer started to turn around.

Glienicker Brücke

On the return journey, we took the route along the other side of Peacock Island and had a lovely view of Strandbad Wannsee (Lido Wannsee). After another stop in Kladow we arrived back in Spandau around 22.00 and moored where we started, at Lindenufer.

Strandbad Wannsee

It was a wonderful excursion!

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